Jonny Norridge

multidisciplinary design practice

‘5 Panels’ is a motion graphics project created using Adobe Flash ActionScript – allowing for unique generations of animations with every viewing. The final piece was projected at the Broadway Cinema cafe (Nottingham).

Notes: Five Panels is a generative animation piece exploring colour, pattern, form and chance. Ten generative animations build up upon each other according to predefined parameters and random values. As a result although familiar patterns are produced and repeated, the graphics will never look exactly the same – every viewing is unique.



Design Matters

Design is a process with spaces for research, exploration, creativity and refinement. Leading us to cohesive aesthetics and smart concepts. The underlying belief of this studio is: good design matters.

newpollution is the design practice of Jonny Norridge. For two decades, Jonny has been producing work for a vast array of clients. Jonny is passionate and approachable. He thrives when creatively engaging in design problems and exploring graphics that communicate effectively. He regularly works on projects as a consultant, solo designer and art director; and where necessary employing the skills of a trusted network of designers and developers.


Jonny Norridge,
newpollution design studio,
Nottingham. UK


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