Jonny Norridge

multidisciplinary design studio

Signage and information panels created for the nature walk at Nottingham Science Park. The panels are fixed to wooden benches along the giant wooden lily-pad walk-way. They provide information about the local natural environment and the significance of these sustainable buildings.

Visit them in Nottingham (map link).

Design Matters

Design can be both visually stimulating and conceptually enlightening. The underlying belief of this studio is: good design matters.

newpollution is the design practice of Jonny Norridge. For over 15 years, Jonny has been producing work for a vast array of clients. Jonny is passionate and approachable. He thrives when creatively engaging in design problems and exploring graphics that communicate effectively. He regularly works on projects as a consultant, solo designer and art director; and where necessary employing the skills of a trusted network of designers and developers.


Jonny Norridge,
newpollution design studio,
Nottingham. UK


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