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multidisciplinary design practice

This project re-imagined and transformed the chapel space at Nottingham Emmanuel School. The installation included a new wall colour and the production of 2 original art pieces work. The windows were frosted with the schools ‘value words’. On the inner wall steel strips were installed — etched with lines of prayer. The steel strips enable interaction — student and parents are able to attached their own personal messages to the artwork with the use of magnets.

The chapel is a perfect circle and so required a creative response in keeping with the practicalities and shape of the room. After a couple of days sketching on location, Jonny spent some time in his studio creating a concept that would both honour the purpose of the space and compliment the architectural design. The change of wall colour was the first part of this process, followed by the creation of strips of steel with the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ chemically etched into them. Finally, a typographic design was applied as frosting to the windows, creating a new lighting effect to the room and outside corridor.

Design Matters

newpollution is the design practice of Jonny Norridge. For over two decades, Jonny has been producing work for a vast array of clients, creatively engaging in design problems, exploring the possibilities of a variety of media and technology, seeking to communicate with surprise and delight.


Jonny Norridge, newpollution design studio, Nottingham. UK

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“Jonny is amazing – helped me realise an experimental project (exploring interaction and the creative process). An excellent collaborator” K Coates (NTU)

“We couldn’t be more pleased… Thanks for the creativity, time and soul you poured into the project.” Vineyard Canada

“… concepts looking phenomenal. @jonnyjpg stepping up, taking a good swing and knocking it out of the park.” Mark Crosby VCUKI

“Jonny is a creative tour de force. His thoughtful and considered approach to design is both thought-provoking, motivating and commercially successful.” Andrew Warwick (The Warwicka)

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