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Design can be both visually stimulating and conceptually enlightening. The underlying belief of this studio is: good design matters.

newpollution is the design studio of Jonny Norridge.  For two decades, Jonny has been producing work for a vast array of clients as a solo designer, consultant and art director. Where necessary newpollution draws on the skills of a trusted network of fellow designers and developers.

newpollution (aka ‘the new pollution’) was set up in 1999 as an experimental interactive art and design space for Jonny to explore interaction, visual communication and screen based graphic language. In 2001 newpollution became the working title for Jonny’s design studio. Previous to this he had spent 2 years working for a web design consultancy in the south east of England working with clients such as, Wella, Sky, and Yell.

Design Matters

Jonny is passionate about creating designs with smart conceptual thinking and strong visual language. He thrives when solving problems and creating graphics that communicate with meaning and style.

Jonny’s educational training includes, Foundation Art at the Oxfordshire College of Art & Design and Graphic Design BA(Hons) at Nottingham Trent University. Both establishments, encourage taking art and design both playfully and seriously, pursuing experimentation, strong craftsmanship and a love of good conceptual thinking — this approach continues to influence Jonny’s work two decades on.


Jonny is also an Associate Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University on the Graphic Design degree course. For well over a decade, he has run tutorials, workshops and lectured on graphic design and interactive media.

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Design Matters

newpollution exists because good design matters; and design at its best is a harmonious combination of communication, aesthetics and meaning.

newpollution is the design studio of Jonny Norridge. For over 15 years, Jonny has been producing work for a vast array of clients. Jonny is passionate and approachable. He thrives when creatively engaging in design problems and exploring graphics that communicate effectively. He regularly works on projects as a consultant, solo designer and art director; and where necessary employing the skills of a trusted network of designers and developers.


Jonny Norridge,
newpollution design studio,
Nottingham. UK

t: 0.7850.152572

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