News / Sim*Sweatshop review (Impactt)

Impactt Limited has given a thoughtful and kind review of newpollution’s Sim*Sweatshop game. Here’s an extract:

We have stumbled across this serious, but curiously addictive, Sweatshop Sim game, which has been commissioned by NOW, Nottingham’s Arts Festival and designed by New Pollution …

The game is worryingly realistic, since as you work through the day, your energy levels fall, your eyes tire and the shoes begin to blur. In addition, what the rules don’t state are that you will be forced to work overtime without extra pay and when you are given the chance to form a union your employer hires a gang of thugs to beat you up. All of your hard-earned money is spent on food or drink to maintain your energy levels at work.

The game is well researched and designed, and has a series of useful references with back stories about workers’ lives. The use of a game to spread information about the reality of sweatshop labour is particularly innovative, and we hope this game will pique the interest of a new generation of young consumers, currently being targeted by initiatives such as ‘Blood, Sweat and T-shirts‘, MTV’s initiative with Radiohead, and the BBC’s new ‘Thread‘ magazine.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you have a spare 10 minutes.

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