Featured, Graphics & Artwork / Chapel Installation at N.E.S.

Jonny Norridge was approached by Nottingham Emmanuel School to produce a permanent artwork in their chapel space. The chapel is a perfect circle and so required a creative response in keeping with the practicalities and shape of the room. After a couple of days sketching on location, Jonny spent some time in his studio creating a concept that would both honour the purpose of the space and compliment the architectural design.

The change of wall colour was the first part of this process, followed by the creation of strips of steel with the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ chemically etched into them. Finally, a typographic design was applied as frosting to the windows, creating a new lighting effect to the room and outside corridor.



The metal steel strips in this artwork are made of steel. During the presentation of the initial concepts to the Head Teacher and Chaplain, the idea was discussed that during some services the children would be able write their own prayers and use magnets to attach them to the Lord’s Prayer artwork.

Thanks to the schools current contact with with the company Fusional – we were able to use their skills in sourcing, fabrication and fitting. The artwork was unveiled 19th March 2013.




See more photos of the artwork on Jonny’s flickr photostream