About newpollution

Graphic Design & Interactive Design

newpollution was set up in 1999 as an experimental interactive art design space by Jonny Norridge. In 2001 newpollution became the working title for Jonny’s design studio (previously Jonny had spent 2 years working for a web design consultancy in the south east of England working with clients such as, Wella, Sky, and Yell).

Jonny regularly works on projects as a solo designer, consultant and art director. Some projects are also undertaken with a trusted network of designers and developers and design agencies. Documented on this site are a selection of projects from the last 15 years.

Design Matters

Jonny is passionate about visual art and design. He approaches every project with a belief that good design matters. His educational training includes, Foundation Art (Oxfordshire College of Art & Design) and an BA(hons) in Graphic Design (Nottingham Trent University), both these establishments, encourage an outlook of taking art and design both playfully and seriously, pursuing experimentation, strong craftsmanship and a love of good conceptual thinking.


Jonny Norridge has also undertaken guest lecturing at universities and colleges. This has been most consistently done at Nottingham Trent University on Graphic Design BA(Hons), where, for the last decade, he has often run tutorials, workshops and teaching on graphic design and interactive media.




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Client List

Record Labels & Media Companies:

  • Gentle Electric
  • Vineyard Records UK
  • Universal-Island
  • Broadway Cinema
  • BSkyB*
  • Hoxton Films

Bands & Musicians:

  • TheVerve*
  • Trent
  • Tigerpicks*
  • Hush (hushmusic)
  • Johnny & The Raindrops
  • AngelOrange

Charities, Trusts & Public Sector:

  • Trent Vineyard
  • One For All
  • CCN
  • Hope UK
  • Vineyard Churches UK&I
  • Envirowise*
  • Lincolnshire County Council*
  • Nottingham City Council*
  • Wellcome Collection*
  • Fruitful
  • Measure Up


  • Nottingham Trent University
  • Nottingham University
  • Bluecoat Academy
  • Emmanuel School, Nottingham
  • Vineyard Institute


  • Speedo
  • Real Salon
  • Wella ShockWaves*
  • NTU BA(hons) Fashion Design
  • BMW*
  • Malt Cross
  • Johnson & Johnson*
  • Wilkinson
  • Woodwood Group
  • Cafe Trent

Communication & Digital Media:

  • IBM*
  • Yell Group*
  • Lotus*
  • Bell Hanson
  • Orange*
  • BDR
  • ADL Consulting
  • zuuMedia
  • ico design
  • Northern Soul
  • Newforms
  • No Walls
  • Blue Cherry
  • Diffuse Media
  • Spinning Clock

Developers & Surveyors:

  • Blueprint & Igloo
  • Arup
  • Innes England
  • Mitchell Dodd
  • Kings Sturge


  • BMW*
  • NHS*
  • Shell*
  • Rhubarb*
  • Bluestar Digital Imaging
  • SpaceBuster*
  • Sophie Robins Mosaics
  • Bookcase Editions

* = work done through an agency

Terms of Engagement

Should you require to see a terms of engagement document, please also find a of it here: Terms_of_Engagement.pdf